Services for artists

Press Office, Public Relations, Media Plan, Community Manager, Publicity, YouTube Channel…From your biography to your photo book, from your website and facebook page to organizing a press conference… We look after your relationship with theatres, programmers, fans and the media all over the world as well as raising your profile and presence on social networks and with opinion leaders…You bring the talent. Fidelio brings all the rest.

Image and Style

We give you a tailor-made service according to your current needs designing and defining a new image and style which suits your artistic character which will promote your power of communication and the repositioning of your career.

Press and Communication

Reaching your audience is difficult, but not impossible. We become your own press office and make all your artistic achievements known, putting you in contact with the most suitable media, whether traditional or virtual, with social networks, with opinion leaders, etc. Communiqués, press conferences… Your artistic engagements will be in the spotlight.

Community Manager

One of the most useful tools to help your fans and followers feel closer to you, to know about your achievements, your everyday life… We create, promote and maintain your Facebook page and / or Twitter profile: Fidelio assures you a constant presence on social networking sites, the means to connect directly with the world.

Photo Shoots

Be fashion, be cool. Be up to date. Fidelio will adapt the image which we will define together into a style which suits your personality which will be promoted through all possible media using photos that speak a thousand words. A group of artists and professionals will make the most of you so that, as well as your talent, your style will become a useful tool for consolidating your leading position. Fidelio creates for you.

Services for Theatres, Festivals and Companies

Fidelio Artist knows what the media needs in order to adequately broadcast the artistic programme of a theatre or festival, and the optimum media vehicles for organizations related to the world of opera and dramatic arts. We have more than a decade of experience in newspapers and specialist press so can advise you in the best communication methods. All with professional rigour and excellence. This is how we project a new image of the event you are programming.

Communication Consultancy

We facilitate decision making regarding the external communications needs of our clients getting the most out of the message and resources. We write your speech, arrange press conferences, send out press releases….We define your corporate image. We develop the best Communications strategies: how, when and who to say it to.

Printed Matter

Inserts, promotional texts, press packs, programmes, all of these supported by big firms and the best professionals. We form ideas that achieve maximum repercussions in the media and in society for your institution’s efforts using serious and professional solutions. We know how to reach your public.