-The renowned Italian singer will be Cavaradossi in Detroit and Parma

February 2018
Any opera lover knows that incorporating the tragic role of the painter Mario Cavaradossi, the leading male in Puccini´s Tosca, is a significant step in any tenor´s career. The rising star, Italian tenor Andrea Carè, took this step in 2013 at Stuttgart Opera (Germany), and performed the role again the same year at the Opéra National du Rhin (Strasburg, France) and in 2015 in a new production for the St. Margarethen Oper im Steinbruch Festival (Austria). “This is one of the most important roles for tenor, not only because the opera itself is so popular, but also because of the role´s technical difficulty, both musically and from a theatrical point of view,” the singer explains. Carè is about to perform the role again in two very different cities: Detroit (Michigan Opera Theatre, USA) and Parma (Teatro Regio, Italy). Between the 7th and the 15th  April, Carè will be performing Tosca in the USA.  He has already performed on the North American opera ciruit, at Palm Beach Opera in Florida (Carmen), at the Tanglewood Festival with the Boston Symphony (Aida) and at theatres in Vancouver (Don Carlo) and Toronto (Madama Butterfly) – and he has always met with acclaim from public and critics alike. “Both in Miami and Canada, audiences are very demanding and well-informed, but above all they are affectionate and participative,” Andrea Carè notes, looking forward to his Detroit debut.

Speaking of committed audiences, performers fear the opera-goers at the Teatro Regio in Parma more than those of any other Italian opera house, even more than those of La Scala in Milan, where Carè began his career. “Parma is a debut which I am taking as a challenge. I enjoy taking on complicated goals which give this very difficult career sense and direction.  Taking risks may lead to the greatest triumphs,” he notes “but to reach these goals it is necessary to prepare oneself conscientiously and work very hard.  Cavaradossi, in any case, is a character that I like very much.  He has a very strong personality, is in love with Tosca and politically engaged.  In reality, he is a hero, because he defends his ideas, even while being tortured on the rack.”  In Parma, Andrea Carè will give four performances of the Puccini opera (alongside the magnificent soprano Anna Pirozzi) on the 27th and 29th April and the 4th and 6th May

.Later, in June, upcoming engagements include a gala in Sofia (Bulgaria) alongside two other tenors who, like him, are disciples of the legendary soprano Raina Kabaivanska –one of the great singers of the role of Tosca in recent history– and his debut in Taipei, also in Tosca.